By: Thomas F. Erickson

"Readers will be up late with this thrill a minute read. Operation Snowshoe is a home run."

Richard Sand (Award winning author of The Lucas Rook mystery series.

"Tom Erickson's cleverly crafted plot pulls the reader in and won't let them go until the final page is turned.

You don't want to miss this one"

John Hamilton Lewis (acclaimed author of CRY HAVOC and SAMSARA)

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Tom Erickson's breakout novel, OPERATION SNOWSHOE, keeps the reader on the edge of their seat from the first page until the last.

Four people--each from different ethnic backgrounds--pair off, marry, and become good friends and neighbors. Then one suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances. OPERATION SNOWSHOE begins on the day of the funeral. It is late December and investigative reporter, Patricia Shaver, is at home completing research for an article on the origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Pat, a longstanding member of the community close not to attend the funeral. She never hobnobbed with the deceased, a British doctor, who was descended from royalty, or her Jewish husband, a Harvard Law School grad, who rose through the ranks to become the consigliere of the Chicago Mafia. She also isn't acquainted with the honorary pallbearers, a Mediterranean-skinned orthopedic surgeon and his Israeli wife, a tenured professor of Middle East history.

A few days after the British doctor is laid to rest, another member of the original four dies, this time a man. Pat had questioned her best friend's explanation of the first death, but kept her conjectures to herself. But when the local police let federal authorities label the second death as a suicide, she decides to conduct her own investigation.

Pat soon suspects a high-level cover-up, but is stymied at every turn. Fearful of an impending disaster, she turns her back on the CIA and aligns herself with the ruling don of the Chicago Mafia.

Do the ends justify the means? Pat is disturbed by the crime boss's methods, but even more appalled by the discoveries they make. Before the Christmas week is over, she will understand how the four neighbors figure into a espionage scheme designed to kill hundreds of innocent people and derail Middle East peace talks.

About the Author:

Tom Erickson spent twenty-three years with a major Wall Street investment banking firm before retiring and writing novels. He and his wife, Patricia, live with their yellow Labrador retriever, Tres Shoe. They divide their time between Chicago and Marco Island, Florida.